Fleur du Cap wines

Fleur du Cap wines undoubtedly live up to the description found on the bottles, “Wines inspired by nature”. The journey all begins with the best quality grapes, meticulously selected from a collection of leading vineyards around the Cape. On the vine, these grapes are shaped by the temperate climate of the Cape Coastal region. Once in the hands of our passionate winemakers, the special qualities of the grapes are expertly captured. The result is a range of superbly balanced wines that abound with fruit and flavour, vintage after vintage. The Fleur du Cap wines are handcrafted by dedicated and renowned winemakers, Pieter Badenhorst and Wim Truter under the guidance of cellar master, Andrea Freeborough.

“Wines inspired by Nature”

The story of Die Bergkelder

Founded in 1967, Die Bergkelder was the first wine centre of its kind in South Africa and is today home to some of the Cape’s finest wines. In 1979, it took the lead by introducing the technique of maturing quality wine in small casks of new French oak. In 1998, Die Bergkelder launched the premier range of unfiltered wines as a premium, small volume range under the Fleur du Cap banner.

Hands-on winemaking

The approach to all winemaking at Die Bergkelder is minimal human interference. Handpicked in the vineyard and handcrafted in the cellar, Fleur du Cap wines are made in a way that always works in harmony with the environment.

The maturation process

The wines are then transferred to the bottle-maturation cellar where, under controlled conditions, the wine is smoothed and mellowed, and the real bouquet is developed. Every bottle released by Die Bergkelder is a testament to the skill of the winemakers – and, of course, the wonders of nature.

The unfiltered range – a new style of winemaking

This innovative approach heralds a variety of wines with greater complexity and richness. The process involves returning to more traditional winemaking practices; relying on sedimentation, racking and fining as opposed to filtration. As a result, the colour and flavour elements are preserved until the wine is ready for bottling. This natural method of production may result in the development of some sediment in the bottle, in which case decanting would be advised before consumption. Each of the wines in the unfiltered range is made from grapes of a specific vineyard block, or as a blend from two vineyards. The result is a new generation premier range of Fleur du Cap unfiltered wines which stand apart with their superior quality.

The Fleur du Cap Unfiltered range

There is a white wine selection – Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Semillon, Viognier and a white blend. The red wine selection consists of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Laszlo.

The Fleur du Cap Bergkelder range

This range includes a Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Natural Light and the multi award winning Noble Late Harvest. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz and Pinotage make up the red wine range.